Occupational Health Services

Keep your workforce healthy and productive

Take a proactive approach to managing employee health and safety. Addressing problems only after a worker is injured or sick can be costly for everyone.

The Occupational Health program from Bon Secours and Mercy Health is designed to proactively keep your employees safe, engaged and performing at their best from day one. And if needed, the team can help your employees return to work safely and quickly after an injury or illness.

On-site and near-site clinics

Help your employees maintain peak performance with comprehensive treatments. With a health center located on or near your worksite, you can offer employees the flexible, convenient care they deserve, while benefitting your bottom line.

They won’t need to leave for a doctor’s appointment, which boosts productivity. A health center can also improve employee satisfaction and your business culture. While you’re managing overall medical spending and costs, your workers are aware and appreciative that you respect their time and genuinely want to make their lives easier.

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