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5 things to consider when choosing an occupational health provider for your organization

Choosing to bring an occupational health provider into your organization is a proactive approach to keeping your employees safe and healthy. It’s also an effective way to control the high costs associated with expensive medical treatments, low productivity, absenteeism and employee turnover.

Making sure you have the best occupational health provider for your organization is a weighty decision. You’re looking for professionals who:

  • Focus on your workers’ performance
  • Assess their suitability for the job
  • Specialize in safety issues linked to health at work

And those are just the basics.

What to look for in an occupational health provider

Whether you’ll be looking for your first occupational health provider or need to replace the one you have, add these five key points to your list when searching for a high-quality provider.

1. Specializes in work-related health and safety 

You’ll want to look for board-certified clinicians and staff who are specially trained to treat work-related injuries and illnesses. They will also be knowledgeable about workers’ compensation issues and laws at the local, state and federal level. A high-quality provider will have locations that are specifically designed to help your employees with occupational medicine and rehabilitative and wellness services.

2. Communicates effectively

The professional occupational health provider understands how vital it is to stay in close communication with the employer. Clinicians should establish expectations from the start and explain how they will follow up with you regularly and consistently. The other side of the communication coin: The provider understands the need to maintain confidentiality between the health care professional and the employee.

3. Provides employee screening

It only takes one drug-related incident at work to upend your company’s productivity and, worse yet, reputation. Requiring drug screening tests for all prospective and current employees can help you avoid incidents and keep all workers safe. An effective occupational health provider will offer compliant screening for situations such as post-accident, random, return to work or reasonable suspicion, Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT. You’ll also want to look for an occupational health screening that lets you manage your needs at scale.

4. Helps maintain employee fitness

An occupational health provider with a robust program for employers offers industrial athlete trainers  who will work with each employee to help enhance their flexibility, develop strength and conditioning and maintain mobility. The provider may also be able to embed an industrial athlete trainer into your safety culture to help make sure the workers’ environment and ergonomic conditions are optimized for performance and to help avoid overuse injuries and overexertion.

5. Performs employee physicals

There are many types of employee physicals. You’ll want an occupational health provider who makes it easier for you to stay compliant with state and federal regulations. Ask about their physicals for the OSHA, DOT and the EPA. Having regular, high-quality physicals will help make sure your workers are healthy and safe.  

Optimize your employees’ health and your bottom line

The right occupational health provider will meet your most significant needs for employee safety and engagement. They’ll be professional, service-oriented, organized and able to offer cost-effective preventive programs that will help decrease workplace injuries and illness. When you have the right fit, you’ll have the right partner for injury prevention.

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