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Harness Health Partners: An Ideal Organization for Women Who Desire to Grow, Learn, Contribute and Thrive

Leadership by Collaboration

From its onset, Harness Health Partners has been intentional about encouraging and supporting the contributions of all team members. The Harness Leadership team, which is comprised of nearly all women, actively elevates its team members and makes each one a priority; a practice that has paid off in dividends. These savvy leaders have grown, and in some cases, reskilled a diverse group of individuals, who have brought fresh thinking and innovation to the business.

To successfully apply new and innovative thinking, many different people must be invited to the table to provide input. As a contributor for Forbes, Joseph Folkman, wrote, “Today’s problems are more complex, more difficult to solve, and often involve multiple disciplines. They require group expertise and knowledge. Being open to others’ expertise increases your ability to be a great problem solver.”

This sentiment comes to life at Harness, and the results speak for themselves. From weekly roundtables where all associates are invited to share current strengths and challenges, to the simple practice of active listening, Harness leadership empowers women (and others) to speak up and share! The results are teams that are thriving, the business is growing, and the clients receive innovative services that could not be achieved without everyone involved feeling safe and supported when contributing.

Room to Change and Grow

Harness has also built its solid organizational foundation by allowing and even encouraging its associates to not only have a seat at the table but to also grow their careers while continuing down the Harness path. Many associates have reskilled or upskilled into the positions where they are currently. Taylor Newlove-Chimes is one of these employees.

Taylor began her healthcare career with Bon Secours Mercy Health (formerly Mercy Health) as a Market Employee Wellbeing Leader. In her role, Taylor worked with her colleague to holistically support them. By developing data-driven wellness programs that targeted behavioral change, reducing risk, and improving healthy lifestyle choices, Taylor actively changed health outcomes for those around her.

In 2018, Taylor was offered to move from Bon Secours Mercy Health to its employer-facing division, Harness Health Partners. Taylor’s first role with Harness was built on her knowledge and experience with the mother brand. As the Harness Manager of Employer Wellness Solutions, Taylor tapped into her early knowledge to develop and execute integrated employer solutions that optimized health and human performance.

Fast forward a few years, and Taylor is now the Director of Human Performance and the Director of Executive Health, a completely new vertical for her. She recently said, “I feel lucky to work for Harness Health Partners. Early in my career, I really enjoyed creating health programs for fellow employees, and had no idea how that passion could grow and take on a new form like what I am doing now. I know not everyone is able to work in an environment that encourages growth and welcomes ideas from all associates, and I really am grateful to have landed at Harness.”

Taylor Newlove-Chimes, Director of Human Performance and Director of Executive Health
Kip Rammacher, Director of Technology and Analytics

Skills for Success

While encouraging employees to grow within the organization, Harness ensures they have a solid foundation and opportunities to learn new skills. Kip Rammacher has undertaken new opportunities with enthusiasm and built her repertoire of skills along the way.

Kip started her career with Bon Secours Mercy Health (formerly Mercy Health) in 2013 as an IT Program Manager. In this role, Kip managed physician onboarding and infrastructure, earning her a solid foundation of experience in IT.

In 2018, Kip was the second person hired at the newly established Harness as a Director of Direct to Employer Services. Kip translated what she knew about project management to help the new brand manage various projects. Kip led the implementation managers and account managers while simultaneously overseeing the distribution of government grants, notably the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services grant Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network(RETAIN).

When leadership noticed a gap in technology and analytics services, they knew just who had the skillset and aptitude to take it on. Kip is now in the newly formed role of Director of Technology and Analytics, and with this transition comes more opportunity to develop her skills for analytics reporting. “I feel completely supported and put into a situation for me to be successful,” Kip said. “I’ve been given opportunities to grow, change, learn and be a part of a collaborative and supportive organization.”

Future Focus

As Women’s History Month is celebrated worldwide, Harness Health Partners will also recognize the achievements of all its associates. Harness will continue to be an organization that encourages all employees to express new ideas and dreams for their current roles and beyond. The framework intentionally created by the dynamic women in the top leadership positions at Harness will provide an equitable opportunity for growth, and personal and professional evolution.

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