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On-Site Health Care: A cost-saving strategy

If you are an employer looking for strategies to reduce healthcare costs, you may want to consider an on-site health center. This service is one way that companies can reduce medical costs while returning employees to work faster. The onsite health center’s objective is to provide easy access to quality care and can be used as a recruitment tool in employees’ benefit packages.

The onsite health center provides access to care for employees without them having to leave the worksite – a huge benefit for both the employer and employee. This typically results in patients being more active in their own care, more compliant with acute condition management, and allows patients to receive the right care at the right time… preventing unnecessary trips to urgent care and emergency departments. Below is more information regarding how on-site health centers are becoming one of the leading employer strategies for reducing healthcare costs.

What is on-site health care?

A workplace onsite health center is a medical center located on or near an employer’s business location. A variety of medical and wellness services can be provided to the employer’s associates, spouses, family members, and other eligible individuals “onsite”.

Services provided can include occupational health, acute/convenience care, primary care, chronic disease management, wellness, workplace injury treatment and management, first aid, lab draws and immunizations. Often, there is little or no charge to the employee, but the cost to the employer is recouped in reduced medical expenses downstream and reduced absenteeism.

What are the benefits of on-site health care to the employer?

  • Convenient access to care will reduce lost productivity by allowing employees to remain on the worksite and not having to factor in added travel time to a doctor’s office or urgent care
  • Reduces health care spend from employees utilizing emergency rooms for acute issues
  • Increases overall wellness of employees, which enhances productivity
  • Health care costs are further reduced by early diagnosis of chronic illness and disease
  • Helps to attract and retain employees, as they feel the company cares about them and their family’s well-being

Onsite health centers can be customized to meet the needs of both the employer and the employees. The schedule can be adjusted to meet the needs of all shifts and the hours can be full or part time.   

How did national company, Airstream, use on-site health care to add a valuable employee benefit?

Harness Health Partners recently partnered with Airstream Manufacturing in Jackson Center, Ohio. A full-time onsite health center was opened on Airstream’s newly constructed manufacturing building in August of 2020. They offer a variety of occupational health services including treatment of work injuries, annual audio and respiratory testing, drug screenings, flu vaccines, convenience care for acute conditions, and primary care services. Their center is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner and an LPN.

Employees at Airstream have been very appreciative of the services provided at the center and utilization continues to increase. Originally, it was opened for Airstream employees but now the company has extended these services to spouses and dependents who carry Airstream health benefits.

As we continue to expand our relationship and services to meet the needs and expectations of Airstream Manufacturing and their associates, our business contact had this to say about Harness Health:

“It is great to have a partner that shares our values! Partnering with Harness Health has allowed us to focus more on getting people back to work in a healthy manner. Having a clinic on-site through this pandemic has been tremendous support for our associates’ health!”

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