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On-Site Health Center vs Near-Site Health Center: Which is Right for You

Ensuring that your workforce receives the proper medical attention is a good decision for your bottom line, but the time employees spend traveling to and from their doctor appointments can end up costing some companies an arm and a leg. 

According to an American Time Use Survey, the average doctor visit lasts just over 2 hours, with 37 minutes spent simply traveling to and from the appointment. The study determines that, by calculating average hourly wages and number of annual visits, workers’ doctor visits cost American employers $52B per year in lost opportunities.

To address this issue, some employers are turning to either on-site clinics or near-site health centers to look after their employees’ needs while cutting down or eliminating the required travel time. So, what are these near-site employee health care options? And which one is right for you?

What are on-site health centers?

On-Site Health Centers offer employees ready access to preventive and diagnostic care, right on the worksite. These facilities lower health care costs and absenteeism, while encouraging employees to stay on top of their regular checkups and maintain their peak performance.

What are near-site health centers?

By joining with other employers or contracting with a local clinic, you can also offer your workforce a Near-Site Health Center. While technically not on-campus, the close location cuts down on travel time and offers enhanced appointment availability over most employees’ family doctors.

On-site or near-site health centers? Which one is best for me?

Both On-Site and Near-Site Health Centers demonstrate to employees your respect for their time and your intention to make their lives easier so they can focus on their work. Both can be customized and staffed to fit your workforce’s specific needs. 

  • For larger employers with over 500 employees, especially those where the nature of the work poses some risk of physical injury, the On-Site Health Center is often the best option.
  • For smaller employers under 500 employees, office settings and those with budget constraints, the Near-Site Health Center is a better fit.

How do I get started?

Whichever option is best for you, Harness Health Partners can help you plan, build and staff your health center in order to provide your employees with the high-quality, compassionate care they need to continue getting results for you. Should your company need to phase into a full facility build-out, Harness also offers smaller-scale solutions at your site, including on-site nurses or providers. 

To learn more about our On-Site Health Centers or Near-Site Health Centers, click the button below to speak to one of our representatives. 

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