Girl stretching EAP
The foremost goal of offering health benefits to your employees is to maintain a healthy workforce, taking care of your people so they can continue to put in the hours to take care of your business. This benefit is usually provided in the form of an employer-sponsored health insurance program to cover medical, vision and...
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Industrial workers exercising
In many industries, employees are like athletes. The physical demands of their job require them to be in peak condition to be productive and avoid injury. Unfortunately, “industrial athletes” don’t always have the time or resources to stay in peak condition. And injuries can have a negative effect on your bottom line.
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On site health care
On site health centers can be one way that companies can reduce medical costs while returning employees to work faster. A workplace onsite health center is a medical center located on or near an employer’s business location. A variety of medical and wellness services can be provided to the employer’s associates, spouses, family members, and...
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