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Meet Stephanie Dixon, Lead People Officer

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Harness Health Partners is excited to feature some of our incredible employees.

We asked our female employees to share stories of what their most rewarding experiences have been, their female leader inspirations, and what they think female leadership brings to an organization. Today, we would like to spotlight Stephanie Dixon, the Lead People Officer of Harness Health Partners.

As a female leader, what have been some of the most rewarding experiences in your career? Most challenging?

The most rewarding experience is working alongside other brilliant women that I can learn from, that share their experiences, that give you nuggets for success, and who aren’t intimidated by the success of others. Women that find joy in helping other women excel. The most rewarding is when another beautiful soul invests in you, to win alongside them. I’ve experienced this kindness and it is the reason why I am so radical about giving chances and opportunities to others.  

What inspiration do you draw from other female leaders?

I’m inspired by the versatility of women. The ability to be a superstar to your family while accelerating and thriving in the workplace is no easy feat.  Watching this in settings where women are the minority is especially empowering and rewarding. I’ve never had a mentor, but I’ve had the opportunity to witness so many wonderful qualities in so many different women. And it has been the ultimate blessing and exposure because it has allowed me to download a diverse experience.

How do companies benefit from having women in leadership roles?

I think women have this innate ability to help improve things. We are innovators. We can take something really small, nourish it and grow it into something beautiful and tangible.

What would you tell other women earlier in their career that you think would be particularly valuable for them to know?

Get a sponsor, someone that believes in you, believes in your talents and abilities, and hold onto them. They can champion for you in places where no one knows your name. Not to be cliché, but in certain cases, your network can be more valuable than your actual experiences and skills.

Stephanie Dixon, Lead People Officer for Harness Health Partners

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