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Industrial Athlete program’s mission to reduce workplace injuries featured in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

Harness Health Partners’ Industrial Athlete program trainer Brandon Sipes (right) helps construction workers at Turner Construction (2019)

Harness Health Partners’ Industrial Athlete program was recently featured in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. The article highlights how this unique program is helping companies reduce workplace injuries—and their financial impact—for “industrial athletes”; those employees operating in physically demanding industries such as construction, manufacturing, first responders, utility companies, energy and more.

The article follows Brandon Spires, a professional athletic trainer and member of the Harness team, and his work with Turner Construction employees who are constructing the buildout of Cincinnati’s new MLS soccer stadium. With a focus on improving workplace safety, promoting health and wellness, and preventing injuries, Brandon applies similar training techniques as if working with professional sports athletes.

“We use the term ‘industrial athlete’ because they’re doing the same type of physically demanding work on a repetitive basis. And just like professional athletes, they need care too,” said Brandon.Author: Taylor Newlove-Chimes MPH, RDN, LD, CHES, Director of  Employer Human Performance at Harness Health Partners. 

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