Harness Health Partners: Tailored Employee Health Programs for a Winning Workforce

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The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. With so much time spent on the job, carving out some time to focus on health and wellness is not only essential for maintaining performance at work but also key to a long and happy life. And besides hurting employees, poor health can cost employers too; as much as $575 billion and 1.5 million days of lost productivity, according to a recent study.

Our Mission to Improve Employee Health

These details aren’t lost on Bon Secours Mercy Health. Following the untimely death of one of its executive employees at age 48, the health care system developed comprehensive solutions to not only keep their executives healthy but other business leaders as well.  In 2018, Bon Secours Mercy Health founded Harness Health Partners, leveraging its expertise to create programs and services that help employers keep their employees healthy and well.

Comprehensive Offerings for Employees & Executives

Harness Health Partners offers a full suite of employer health solutions that help lower costs and enhance employees’ human performance. Each service focuses on a specific workplace need, such as Occupational Health programs that minimize safety risks and maintain compliance, On-Site and Near-Site Health Centers to reduce absenteeism due to preventable illness and injury, and Executive Health programs that deliver concierge care for executives.

Experiences That Improve Employee Utilization

Knowing that an employee health program is only worthwhile if employees actually use it, Harness Health Partners developed each solution to bring services to the employee where they are, while working around their busy schedules.

A perfect example of this is its Executive Health program, offering white-glove treatment with a black car ride to the executive health suite where a personal registered nurse guides participants throughout their half-day experience. Meals are provided before executives receive a full physical with blood workup, as well as personalized exams and screenings according to their individual needs. The experience is rounded out with optional resiliency coaching sessions, recreational sport assessments and a consultation with a dietitian. There is no waiting before any treatment, and once finished, participants promptly receive a full report of findings along with recommended steps to take to improve their health.

Now Offering Employee Health Services in Greenville, SC

In just a few months, Greenville businesses will have access to enroll their employees in the Executive Health program. Harness Health Partners is slated to open its Greenville Executive Health Suite toward the end of 2021. If you’re looking for executive health or physical services, or other employee health solutions, contact us today for a free consultation.

Learn more about the Executive Health Program or any of the other services offered by Harness Health Partners.

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