Health Advice 24-7

Help your employees access health advice when and where they need it.

With health care costs for employers at an all-time high, we have a solution to help you control those costs.  Access to health advice from a registered nurse through a 24/7 call line can help direct your employees to the right level of care, ensuring they avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the ER, and avoid absenteeism at work.

Whether the recommendation is an at-home remedy, a trip to urgent care or a next-day appointment with a provider, you can reduce your health care spend all while making your employees feel cared for as they take the right steps toward appropriate care.

Our dedicated nursing team possesses:

  • Diverse clinical experience
  • Excellent critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
  • Adult and pediatric competency
  • Expertise in Schmitt-Thompson Decision Support Tools

By partnering with Harness Health Partners, your organization can:

  • Reduce health care spend as part of an employee benefit or population health plan
  • Reduce unnecessary ED visits – surveys reveal callers who intended to visit the ED were less likely to go after calling us to talk with a nurse

Bottom Line

Offering the Nurse Access Line to your employees aligns with your wellness initiatives. It also offers support to find the right level of care at the right time in the right setting. Your employees will feel supported knowing they have access to this resource, and your company will benefit from the cost savings.

Conduit Health Partners provided a valuable, turnkey solution for our 24/7 environment to facilitate care for injured or exposed associates to ensure our associates receive the right level of care for their injury. Conduit Health Partners listened to our needs and built a program to do what we needed, and our associates wanted, but went above and beyond. They are a true health care partner.

Chief Human Resource Strategy & Well-Being Officer

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