COVID Safety Program — Colleges/Universities

What's At Stake

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we go about our lives and the way we look at education. As campuses continuously monitor the global pandemic, we know the health and well-being of your students and staff is your top priority. It’s our top priority, too.

Harness Health Partners® is assisting colleges and universities in limiting the spread of COVID-19 through our COVID Safety Program. Our goal is to help students and faculty feel as safe as possible when they return to the classroom. As the employer health division of one of the largest health care systems in the US, we are uniquely positioned to deliver programs that improve both the physical health and fiscal outcomes for campuses like yours.

Return to Campus

What We Can Do


  • Temperature screenings/CDC questionnaire
  • Student protocol and policy development assistance
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP) services
  • Handwashing education/monitoring
  • Return to Campus Safely protocol and Classroom Environment protocol
  • PPE education respirator fit testing (if N95 masks required)
  • Annual flu vaccine

Screening and Testing

  • Temperature screenings/CDC questionnaire
  • Flexible programs including large scale student body/ faculty testing and/or student athletic programs
  • FDA approved Real Time (reverse transcriptase) Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) laboratory testing
  • Antibody testing once it becomes consistent and clinically viable
  • Testing within 24 hours of a student showing symptoms

Tracing and Reporting

  • Contact Tracing Protocol
  • Assistance with notification scripting for exposures
  • Partnering with local health departments to ensure appropriate test reporting and initiate contact tracing protocols based on local regulations


  • Nurse Access Line
  • E-visit / Virtual Health with our highly developed network of primary care and specialty care physicians

“Thanks so much for your follow up, and your tremendous efforts in helping to pull this (vaccination) clinic together in such a short time. We ended up vaccinating 215 accounting for more than 10% of the students on campus, and this effort in combination with those who have pursued off-campus vaccination has resulted in over 60% of the student body at least partially vaccinated (prior to Summer 2021).”

– University Client

How It Works

We will partner with your campus to conduct temperature screenings and CDC questionnaires. We can also develop student protocols and policies, handwashing education, classroom protocol, PPE education for proper wearing and fitting of masks (if N-95 are required), and the administration of annual flu vaccines. 

Screening and Testing
Harness has the capability to implement screenings and broad-based testing at your campus, including temperature checks, CDC questionnaire assessments, and/or FDA approved COVID-19 testing through Real-Time (reverse transcriptase) Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) laboratory testing. We will provide the supplies and staff, or testing can be performed at one of our facilities. 

We currently provide flexible programs to support ongoing testing or symptomatic testing, including large scale student body/faculty testing and/or student athletic programs. Our Return to Campus Safely protocol follows the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 testing. We also plan to provide antibody testing once it becomes consistent and clinically viable.

We will also work with local health departments on reporting and can initiate contact tracing protocols based on local regulations. To ensure privacy/HIPAA regulations, these results can be faxed to a secure fax number.

With a highly developed network of primary care and specialty care in the market area, we will work with the referring primary care providers or work with the students to help them find a primary care provider if treatment is needed. We follow treatment protocols as suggested by global, national, and local agencies.

Bottom Line

We recognize that not every campus will choose to reopen in the same way. While there isn’t one specific action that makes all the difference, taking a holistic approach to safety will help limit the spread of COVID-19. Using our Return to Campus Safely Program will give you peace of mind and ease the concerns of students and faculty as they make their way back into the classroom.

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