Human performance is a holistic view of well-being that encompasses the entire employee.

It takes into account health and fitness, growth and development, money and prosperity, contribution and sustainability, pushing each employee to be a healthier, mindful and high performing person.

If you think about it, human performance affects literally everything. Especially your business and your health care costs.

If fact, managing health care costs is nearly $15,000 per employee (Source: National Business Group on Health ®). Employees with metabolic syndrome (or a cluster of conditions that occur together, which may increase risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes) have a greater PMPM cost that those who don’t: $626 PMPM/$367 PMPM.

Creating a culture of better health is now a priority for many employers. So much so that 92% of large mid-market employers consider human performance and well-being part of their overall business strategy (Source: Fidelity & National Business Group on Health, 2018).  

What We Can Do

We partner with employers to offer meaningful programs and services to create wellness in the workplace through a comprehensive, high-quality network of care. We help your employees become healthier and offer a stronger culture of enhanced human performance. As a result, employees become more engaged and productive while you control your health care costs.

Through our well-being programs, we can help you:

  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Improve the health of the populations we serve
  • Lower cost of care

Our solutions help make life easier and inspire a journey to well-being for your workforce. Our human performance programs look at all aspects of life, including health and fitness, money and prosperity, growth and development, and contribution and sustainability.

Our programs empower your employees to get (and stay) healthy. Services include:

  • Engaging well-being programs
  • Health and human performance coaching
  • Biometric screenings
  • Employee assistance program
  • Work/life services
  • Management consultation, training and trauma response services
  • Mindful eating program
  • Regional health promotion programs

We make it fun, competitive and inspiring for employees to track their progress through an exclusive well-being portal, designed to drive results and engagement. The portal offers engaging programs and challenges, including a well-being assessment and an extensive suite of health and human performance coaching programs.

Bottom Line

In 2014, Mercy Health established their well-being program to control health costs and engage employees in an outcomes-based well-being program that tracks metabolic syndrome-related risk factors. Before implementing, each region had their own employee well-being programs which varied in design and execution. Program metrics and measurable outcomes were created to maximize efficiency and effectiveness across the region, as well as drive results and continued program engagement.

Since the launch in 2014, Mercy Health has experienced:

  • Increased engagement in the wellness program was associated with lower health care claims
  • Higher scores on the well-being assessment, which indicate higher perceived well-being, resulting in fewer health claims

Mercy Health added two other wellness-related programs to their offerings. Since 2014, the company has seen an 18% Metabolic Syndrome reversal through the Naturally Slim® program. And, since introducing  Work/Life Services in 2017, they’ve seen Employee Assistance Program use increase by 54%.

Mercy Health has seen a negative PMPY claims trend since their well-being program was introduced in 2014.  Additionally, there has been a 17% decrease in average health care opportunities over three years, driving multi-million dollar savings in 2018 alone.

The annual per-employee cost of employer sponsored health care benefits is $15,000

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