Employee Assistance Programs

Its no secret: Life is hard and issues weighing on your employees’ minds can distract them from productivity at work.

Stress is unavoidable, but stress in your employees’ lives can hurt your business.  Happier employees can lead to a healthier bottom line.

That’s why we put together several programs to meet a variety of employee needs; an Intervention Program, a Work/Life program, and an Online program to help with day-to-day questions and needs.

As you can see, our unique approach to employee assistance programs (EAP) goes well beyond traditional employee benefits.

Our unique approach to employee assistance programs (EAP) goes well beyond traditional employee benefits. Having someone to talk to about life’s challenges can make all the difference. Compassion that puts people first contributes to higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Happier employees can lead to a happier bottom line.

We want to help employees be their best. Our dedicated team of management consultants has the expertise to help access, develop a plan and monitor high-profile situations that impact managers and HR.

Our EAP Intervention Program offers help with:
  • Stress, depression and personal problems
  • Balancing work and personal needs
  • Family and relationship concerns
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Response to traumatic events
  • Many other issues
Our EAP Work/Life Program offers help with:
  • Financial consultation: Let us help set up a budget, obtain and review credit report information or help with debt management and consolidation.
  • Legal consultation: Consulting with an attorney can be frightening. We can help with consumer law, traffic citations and fender benders, family law or estate planning.
  • Child and elder care resources and guidance
  • Adoption
  • Educational resources
  • Personal security
  • Online calculators for a variety of analytical questions and needs
  • References for Home improvement
  • References for Veterinarians, pet sitting, and obedience training

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

Mental health and substance abuse issues have become a national health emergency. And you know the impact they can have on your workforce. Our counseling programs help your employees stabilize their worlds, returning to work positive, productive and ready for work.

EAP Resources

In today’s connected world, the line between employee’s work and personal lives is blurred. Our team will connect your employees with resources to help navigate financial, legal, and dependent care challenges, among many others. The result? A more focused, engaged, and productive workforce.

Trauma Response

Our team of on-site crisis response professionals helps your employees coping with critical events. Individual and group debriefings, management consultation, and educational presentations help workforces transition to the “new normal” after a major crisis.

Management Consultation

Your managers and leaders have problems of their own outside of work. It can be hard to deal with everyone else’s problems in the workplace while juggling the impact of troubled employees on your organization’s success. Our team will help your managers address employee issues quickly and effectively.

Bottom Line

An investment in your employees’ well-being is a boost to your organization. Mercy Health has seen a 34% improvement in employee life satisfaction as measured by the scientifically validated workplace outcomes suite (WOS-9)

National clients have seen presenteeism improve by 30%, absenteeism decrease by 45% and work engagement increase by 13% by members who used the program.

What our Clients Say

The key benefits of working with HHP include great customer service, constant communication, and consistent follow up. We have been very happy with our EAP services.

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