COVID Safety Program: For Employers & Colleges

Whether yours is a business or an institution of higher learning, our on-site COVID-19 solutions prioritize the health and well-being of others.

We’re entering a new phase of COVID-19 management. And many U.S. businesses and universities are looking for new strategies to help maintain and improve the health and well-being of those in their workforce or on their campus. It’s critical to continue the health and safety measures established during the pandemic.

The Harness Health COVID Safety program navigates the ever-changing landscape, so you don’t have to. It features four vital facets that work together to complete an effective safety plan: prevention; screening and testing; tracing and reporting; and vaccination.

COVID Safety Program offers strategies to manage safety

The Harness COVID Safety program can work with you to establish guidelines, safety protocols and strategies for protecting and maintaining health at work or on campus.

Between our employer and student safety programs, we’ve administered over 70,000 COVID-19 tests and over 9,000 vaccines to help individuals address COVID-related concerns. We’ve also helped strengthen the overall health and wellness of workforces and students on campus.

Our experience strengthens your safety and wellness strategy

It’s vital to protect others from COVID-19 exposure and infection. And it’s just as important to create a campus and work culture that supports the health and well-being of others. Did you know that four in 10 adults reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, worsening chronic conditions and increases in alcohol and substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many elements contribute to a person’s health: people, culture, environment, work performed, group size and the potential for interaction. At Harness, we provide an effective COVID safety program that helps prevent and control infection and supports the overall health of others.

COVID Safety Program for employers

The pandemic has increased physical and mental health conditions and created hurdles for those already coping with these issues. We can customize a solution for you that includes an employee assistance program to address mental health concerns. We’ll also provide a Return to Work Safely protocol, flu vaccination promotion and setup, Health Advice 24/7, Student Assistance Program, a CDC survey to monitor vaccination coverage and more.

Premium service – a fully integrated testing and guidance solution for employees, with complete clinical and medical support and a continuum of care focused on mitigating COVID spread.

Plus service – a complete testing and results program and an “àla carte” menu of other solutions, including Health Advice 24/7, Employee Assistance Program, Student Assistance Program and more.

Classic service – a thorough testing solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs and includes standardized pricing without clinical guidance or oversight.

Testing and vaccine administration – a complete program that works with employers to provide the COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with federal and state health department plans.

COVID Safety Program for colleges and universities

Keeping students, faculty and staff safe and healthy creates a culture of caring. Our COVID Safety program for colleges and universities addresses the many concerns facing colleges today. Along with COVID safety measures, we also address your student population’s mental, behavioral, social and emotional needs through our Student Assistance Program. This program can be added to your COVID safety package and includes alcohol or drug dependency, exam prep, balancing school and personal needs, conflicts, nutrition, resilience and how to “bounce back,” stress, depression and personal problems and much more. Elements of our COVID safety program for colleges and universities include:

COVID prevention on campus – a program for managing everyone’s health that features temperature screenings, student protocol and policy development, and more.

Campus screening and testing – programs that provide flexible solutions to support ongoing or symptomatic testing, including large-scale testing for students, faculty or student athletes.

Tracing and reporting – a strategic solution to manage contact tracing and reporting that incorporates contact tracing protocol and scripting notification for exposures.

Vaccination – Onsite vaccination events make getting a COVID-19 vaccine easy for busy students.

Read how Harness did it

Harness Health Partners works closely with businesses of all sizes. Harness Health helped Western & Southern Financial Group and the Phlow public benefit corporation bring their employees back to work safely, quickly and seamlessly.

What our clients say

“It is great to have a partner that shares our values! Partnering with Harness Health has allowed us to focus more on getting people back to work in a healthy manner. Having a clinic on-site through this pandemic has been tremendous support for our associates’ health!” – Airstream, client

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