Employee Assistance Program

Reduce absenteeism, improve workplace engagement, and enhance your employees’ overall quality of life.

At Harness Health Partners, we create business solutions that positively impact the health and wellness of your employees. Through customized services and EAP programs, employers can take pride in knowing that they’re doing what they can to prevent illness, identify concerns, reduce injury and enhance the quality of life of their workforce.

You can improve the trajectory of your culture.

As an employer, you may be facing a stressed-out and non-engaged workforce.You’re not alone. The mental health of employees is now more important than ever. According to the Global Organization of Stress, 80% of people feel stressed at work. In fact, 52% of Gen Z have been diagnosed with a mental health issue. In another study by Deloitte, 91% of respondents said they felt overwhelmingly stressed and it negatively affected the quality of their work.

Although these statistics are alarming, you have the power to change these stats in your workplace.

Customized employee assistance programs meet the needs of your most valuable asset – your employees.

When choosing an employee assistance partner, it’s essential that you find one you can trust. One that offers confidential, complete whole-body care.

That’s why we created an employee assistance program that prioritizes the health and wellness of your employees while keeping your bottom line in mind.

Unique and customizable employee assistance services.

We’ll help your employees stay or get healthy and resolve personal issues that may be impacting their work. Our customized solutions are provided by board-certified and specialty trained clinical staff. We offer services via phone, text, video call or face-to-face.

Here’s what makes us different from traditional EAP programs:

  • 24/7 access to a counselor via phone or text.
  • Mental health services.
  • Physical health care services.
  • Referrals to financial counselors.
  • Referrals to legal services.
  • Services for all employees without limits.
  • Single source partner.
  • Specialized first responder program.
  • Wellness and preventive services.
  • Whole person care, focused on each individual.
  • Work/life solutions.

A comprehensive employee assistance program can:

  • Keep healthy employees in a low-risk category
  • Reduce health risks and improve quality of life for high-risk employees
  • Identify and resolve employee personal concerns that may affect job performance
  • Improve and maintain productivity for your workforce

What our clients say

“The key benefits of working with Harness include great customer service, constant communication, and consistent follow up. We have been very happy with our EAP services.”

4 Ways to support the mental health of your employees.

Learn about how you can have a healthy and happy workforce

Our partners have experienced:

  • 30% presenteeism improvement
  • 13% improvement in work engagement
  • 45% decrease in absenteeism

Are you ready to learn how you can bring quality, time-saving employee health programs to your team?