Health Advice 24-7

Help your employees access health advice from a 24-7 helpline when and where they need it.

Health care costs for employers are at an all-time high. Skyrocketing emergency room (ER) costs. Absenteeism because of illness or doctors’ appointments. Lost time and productivity. All are major contributors. One of the best solutions to these issues is a registered nurse your employees can speak with 24-7.

Harness Health Partners designed Health Advice 24-7 to direct your employees to the right level of care.

Show your employees you care while also cutting health care costs.

It’s the classic win-win: You can lower your health care spend and at the same time, your employees will appreciate that you care about their health and well-being — and their family members too. When you partner with Harness, one of the key benefits is the chance to reduce unnecessary ER visits. You may also see reduced absenteeism. Surveys reveal callers who intended to visit the ER were less likely to go after calling Health Advice 24-7 and talking with a nurse.

Give your employees unlimited access to highly trained registered nurses.

When your employees call Health Advice 24-7, they’ll reach a registered nurse who assesses their health situation and advises them on where to get care. (However, in any life-threatening emergency, nurses will always advise employees to go to the closest emergency room or call 911.)

In addition to providing 24/7 access to care, we offer:

Experience tremendous benefits when you offer 24-7 health advice services.

Our Harness Health Advice 24-7 program brings peace of mind to your most valuable asset – your employees.

  • Helps employees feel supported knowing they have access to this resource.
  • Benefits your organization with cost savings.
  • Provides your employees with access to quality health care that’s just a call away.

Offer your team dedicated services from trained nurses and help your business reduce skyrocketing health care costs.

  • Diverse clinical experience. Harness nurses who are part of Health Advice 24-7 have completed a rigorous combination of coursework, hands-on nursing labs and in-person clinical rotations. They're experienced professionals with a strong foundation in "real world" health care. Employees will benefit from our nurses’ excellent critical thinking and clinical judgment skills.
  • Adult and pediatric competency. Because caring for children is vastly different from adult care, nurses usually specialize in one or the other. Our Health Advice 24-7 nurses understand that symptoms and treatment are based on many factors, especially the age of the person with symptoms. Your employees will have the appropriately skilled nurse on the other line when they call.
  • Expertise in Schmitt-Thompson decision support tools. These nurse triage guidelines offer world-class decision support and are used by thousands of practices, clinics, hospitals and managed-care call centers around the country. Using these guidelines helps Health Advice 24-7 nurses drive patient safety, care quality and clinical efficiency.

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Lower your health care spend while showing employees you care about their health and well-being—and their family members too.

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“They provided a turnkey solution for injured or exposed associates, building a program to do what we needed, and our associates wanted, but went above and beyond.”

— Chief Human Resource Strategy & Well-Being Officer

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