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The partner who keeps your medication costs manageable.

Pharmaceutical costs are rising, driving organizations like yours to take significant control over employee pharmacy benefits. This shift is in response to a lack of transparency in how medication formularies are developed, lack of understanding of the hidden costs therein, and the need to provide more comprehensive plans to employees. Because the U.S. specialty drug market is expected to reach over $200 billion by 2023, employers can expect pharmacy benefit plans to double in the next five years.

Powered by one of the country’s largest health care systems, Harness Health Partners understands this ever-changing landscape. We’re a partner who’s on the cutting edge of pharmacy and drug trends and one who offers comprehensive solutions that save you money.

Convenience and cost savings for your employees’ medications.

Whether your company is large or small, our goal is to mitigate rising pharmacy costs, reduce out-of-pocket employee costs and streamline the employee drug formulary so you can control costs — all while boosting employee health, performance and morale. It’s a clinically based, transparent approach, with results that can’t be achieved through traditional pharmacy benefit management.


Employers and employees appreciate our transparent benefit design solutions and lower costs.

Organizations are facing many challenges to their pharmacy benefits. With the Harness pharmacy plan solution, we make it easy to manage benefits, conveniently fill employee prescriptions, offer consultations for disease-specific concerns, provide home delivery, scale specialty pharmacy services to your needs and help control costs by streamlining your employees’ drug formulary.

Choose the cost-saving, end-to-end pharmacy solutions that bridge advice and execution.

Customized solutions from Harness Health translate into cost savings and high-quality service for you and your associates.

  • A network of retail, home delivery and specialty pharmacies provide high-touch care.
  • An app that makes it easier and more convenient to manage employee prescriptions.
  • Convenient, flexible home delivery of specialty and standard medications.
  • Rate savings on specialty drugs that treat complex, chronic conditions.
  • Improved call center support for member questions and concerns.
  • Targeted, accessible member education services.
  • Strategies to lower out-of-pocket costs for employees.

We’ll meet you where you are and develop end-to-end offerings tailored to your organization.

We help employers become more strategic to fill key capability gaps. A customized pharmacy solution can:

  • Boost employee morale and loyalty.
  • Enhance benefit packages to help attract the best talent.
  • Improve employee health and performance.
  • Lower your total pharmacy costs.
  • Save time and hassle spent securing medications.

Tailor solutions to your organization with Harness pharmacy services

Enhance benefits and control costs using our transparent, holistic approach.

Harness offers a custom formulary for your company; collaborates with you to remove waste associated with high-cost, low-value medications; and refines your retail network to exclude high-cost pharmacies. We make evidence-based, clinically rooted recommendations that are not designed around misaligned financial incentives.

Make the most of our deep clinical knowledge and insights.

Using our core capabilities, we deliver high-value, cost-effective, innovative methods to manage your benefits expenditures. Bon Secours Mercy Health uses our solutions for over 60,000 associates and their families and is proven to reduce member out-of-pocket costs by over 97%. They also reduce costs across multiple disease states, including autoimmune (4.35%); hepatitis C (19.4%); multiple sclerosis (9.3%); and oncology (8.7%).

Experience greater quality and safety through our dual accreditation.

URAC is the independent leader and gold standard for promoting healthcare quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation. Achieving URAC and ACHC accreditation highlights the clinical and operational excellence clients receive from our Specialty and Home Delivery pharmacy teams.

Leverage our expertise to improve broker and consultant relationships.

Does your company work with brokers and consultants? Our experienced pharmacy team will work closely with your company’s representatives. We can also leverage internal data and create an economically transparent and responsive offering for your company.

What our clients say

“We would strongly recommend HHP to other employer groups with perfect scores for excellent service, consistency, professionalism, reporting, and information.”

- Small Employer

Learn what this accreditation means for businesses

Harness Health Pharmacy earns URAC Accreditation for both mail service and specialty pharmacies.

Learn about our award-winning strategies

Our award-winning solutions and unique approach to pharmacy benefits management can help lower health care costs and improve employee satisfaction, safety and quality of life

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