Student Assistance Program

Create a culture of caring for your college students’ health and wellness.

Most college students are just beginning to have “real world” experiences. For these young adults, it’s a major life transition that’s both positive and challenging. Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) focuses on your student population’s mental, behavioral, social and emotional needs. Higher education student support services are a meaningful way to give remote and in-person students the support they need to achieve their goals.

Our student assistance programs offer expert services to your students and support and resources for your team.

The demands of college may impact a student’s mental health and make it tough to manage daily life. In fact, as many as one in five students deal with a mental health condition while in college. And by age 24, 75% of all mental health conditions have already begun. Leading organizations have declared a state of emergency on mental health as rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal behavior rise.

You want to help your students navigate the pressures of early adulthood. Our customizable Student Assistance Program lets colleges and universities create a versatile package of student health and counseling services that are free and confidential for your students.

Serve your students and simplify program administration.

The Harness team works alongside you to deliver the quality services your students need. And when it comes to your role in the program, our turn-key solutions remove the heavy lifting from your college personnel.

Customize your program from a wide range of options.

Through our student support services, we can address the varied needs of students and help them thrive while in school. The SAP’s versatility allows you to design a package that features a broad range of services your students will find helpful. With our mental health program for schools, you’ll have licensed counselors available in person or via video call, phone call, or text who are able to address:

  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Balancing school and personal needs
  • Conflicts at school or work
  • Exam prep
  • Family and relationship concerns
  • Financial literacy
  • Legal issues
  • Nutrition
  • Personal and professional skills building
  • Resilience and how to “bounce back”
  • Stress, depression and personal problems

Turn-key solutions remove the heavy lifting from your administration and personnel.

Demands for mental health support among college students typically exceed resources, making it difficult for campuses to completely address students’ well-being. Our SAP for higher education can:

  • Augment your staffing numbers
  • Keep campus staff from being constantly on call
  • Give students 24/7/365 access to counselors
  • Streamline mental health service delivery
  • Provide one convenient phone number, website and mobile app experience
  • Collect useful, anonymous and aggregated data

How a student assistance program benefits your institution.

Faculty and staff have additional resources to support students.

Enable your faculty and staff to access consultation services, such as webinars, that help them address student performance, team conflicts and crises. Topics may include how to support a diverse group of students in the classroom and communication strategies to increase student engagement. We also can reduce the demand for services by offering 24/7 access to a network of counselors, so your campus staff doesn’t always have to be on call.

Many services are just a quick call away.

We’re here to help you provide students with assistance to handle whatever issues life sends their way — and make it easier to start the process with a phone call. Whether a student needs valuable resources, practical solutions, or reliable, professional care, we’ll be ready to help.

Hands-on resources set students up for success.

The program’s multifaceted services address students’ issues at different times and stages on their college journey. Students can connect with a counselor for guidance and tools to manage stress, anxiety, time management, study methods and more.

Utilization reports offer insights to strengthen the program.

We’ll provide you with quarterly information related to the topics students are most concerned about. These reports help identify larger trends in mental health on your campus and give Harness insights for improving our partnership with your institution.

Learn how Harness promotes COVID safety on campus.

Because students, faculty, and staff deserve peace of mind, Harness Health Partners recently partnered with Furman University to coordinate a COVID vaccination effort. With only 10 days from concept to execution, the on-campus clinic they produced began vaccinating its on-campus student population.

Learn more about Harness employee wellness programs.

Employee wellness programs at Harness Health Partners are designed to meet various mental health needs. They include an EAP, a work/life program and an online program to answer day-to-day questions and offer support.

Learn about our award-winning strategies

Our award-winning solutions and unique approach to help lower health care costs and improve employee satisfaction, safety and quality of life.

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