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Developing a culture of care supports your company’s growth, sustainability and power to attract and retain top talent in your industry. By choosing Harness Health Partners, you can experience what so many of our clients have: productive, satisfied, healthy employees, a reputation of caring and significant savings to your bottom line.


During Harness Health’s first year in operations, our customized health and wellness solution designed for Bon Secours Mercy Health garnered a business savings of $18 million.

12 Months

In 2020, Harness Health partnered with a major U.S. corporation to launch an on-site health center. The company recouped its investment costs in just one year and improved overall employee satisfaction, productivity and health.


The Harness Health pharmacy benefit management solution is a transparent, innovative plan that helped a leading health system save $10.5 million while reducing member out-of-pocket costs by over 97%

Our Partners

National, regional and local businesses choose Harness Health Partners for their reputation, results and strategic end-to-end solutions.


COVID-19 Vaccinations

Harness Health Partners successfully managed and administered a COVID-19 vaccination program for Phlow, a growing pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Richmond, Virginia. Our solution brought convenient, timely vaccination access to the Phlow team. Contact us today to learn how Harness can help keep your workforce healthy through our COVID-19 Safety Program.

Harness has performed nearly 9,000 COVID-19 tests and administered over 8,000 vaccines for our partner companies. Contact us today to see how Harness can help keep your workforce healthy and in compliance with government mandates.


The Power of an On-site Clinic

Harness Health Partners worked with recreational vehicle manufacturer Airstream to build an on-site health and wellness clinic. Employees and their families benefit from occupational and primary care services provided by a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Medical Assistants.

The on-site health clinic provides immediate care for injuries and illnesses, performs routine physicals, mandatory drug screenings and more. Our solution improved the health and wellness of the Airstream team and reduced company-wide healthcare expenses.

Harness on-site clinics can help lower costs, save time, act as a recruiting strategy, and ultimately improve employee health. Contact us today to learn how Harness can help keep your workers healthy and productive with an on-site clinic.

What our clients say

Our health and wellness programs benefit over 60,000 associates and over 3,400 clients who trust our solutions. Here’s what our partners say about our cost-saving, efficient-driving programs.

Award-winning Solutions

Our award-winning solutions can help your organization lower healthcare costs while increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and overall well-being. Harness solutions have helped thousands of businesses, including Bon Secours Mercy Health – with its 60,000+ employees – dramatically reduce overhead costs and be recognized as one of the healthiest workplaces in the United States. Imagine all we can accomplish for your organization!

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