Employee health and wellness
Woman and man in healthcare setting
Harness Health Partners offers a full suite of employer health solutions that help lower costs and enhance employees’ human performance. Each service focuses on a specific workplace need, such as Occupational Health programs that minimize safety risks and maintain compliance, On-Site and Near-Site Health Centers to reduce absenteeism due to preventable illness and injury, and...
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It’s early morning as professional athletic trainer, Brandon Sipes, gathers his team together on the field at the new FC Cincinnati soccer stadium. He delivers his Wellness Talk, a regular lesson in proper nutrition, mental health, or some other best practice to keep his athletes in top shape, before running them through their daily stretch-and-flex...
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On site health care
On-site health centers can be one way that companies can reduce medical costs while returning employees to work faster. The onsite health center’s objective is to provide easy access to quality care and can be used as a recruitment tool in employees’ benefit packages. The onsite health center provides access to care for employees without...
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