Industrial athlete
It’s early morning as professional athletic trainer, Brandon Sipes, gathers his team together on the field at the new FC Cincinnati soccer stadium. He delivers his Wellness Talk, a regular lesson in proper nutrition, mental health, or some other best practice to keep his athletes in top shape, before running them through their daily stretch-and-flex...
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construction workers exercising
Harness Health Partners' Industrial Athlete program was recently featured in Industrial Safety And Hygiene News. The article discusses our unique industrial athlete program, where sports trainers help employees in physically demanding work environments such as construction, manufacturing, first responders, and utilities industries.
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Industrial workers exercising
In many industries, employees are like athletes. The physical demands of their job require them to be in peak condition to be productive and avoid injury. Unfortunately, “industrial athletes” don’t always have the time or resources to stay in peak condition. And injuries can have a negative effect on your bottom line.
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