Why Choose Harness

Why Harness Health Partners®? Because you want health care experts who understand your organization’s unique needs, culture and requirements and then provide you with programs that are expressly — strategically — designed for your employees. And because, like you, we know a winning workforce doesn’t happen by accident.

Proven results

Airstream is just one of many Harness clients who experience reductions in health care costs and lost time.

Extensive network

Powered by one of the largest health systems in the nation, with the clinical expertise and easy access to care your employees need to thrive on the job and in life. We leverage our strength and scale to benefit both large and small companies.

Continuous innovation

Spurring innovation starts with big ideas that we target to your unique needs. The results? Maximized employee performance and satisfaction.

Turnkey solutions

We’ll handle all the details of implementing your custom programs so you can focus on continued growth.

Why Prioritize Employee Health?

Increase Employee Satisfaction

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work, making it critical for your employees to focus on health and wellness. Employees who see that you care about their well-being are more likely to have higher job satisfaction.

Reduce Absenteeism and Turnover

Injury and illness hurt employees and businesses – poor health can cost employers as much as $575 billion and 1.5 million days of lost productivity. Employees are more likely to be loyal to your organization and remain with you because you demonstrate a commitment to their health care.

Recruit the Best Talent

Having a robust, competitive health benefits package in place is part of a winning hiring and retention strategy, so you hire the best people and keep the best people.

Create a Safe Workplace

Show your employees you care for them physically and mentally with solutions that include occupational health, employee assistance programs and other prevention services.

Bottom-line Cost Savings for You, the Employer

Employer-paid health care costs continue to rise and will likely not decrease on their own. But strategic health programs can significantly lower these costs for your organization — often by millions of dollars.

By implementing our tried and true programs, Bon Secours Mercy Health was able to save over $10 million to their bottom line.

Our Story

In 2018, the health care system Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) created Harness Health Partners. The catalyst that spurred BSMH to create Harness was the untimely death of one of its executive employees at the young age of 48. BSMH became laser-focused on meeting employees’ well-being needs at work and developed comprehensive solutions to not only keep their executives and associates healthy but other business leaders and companies as well. They leveraged their expertise to create programs and services that help employers keep their employees healthy and well.

Preventing similar tragedies is one of the reasons Harness Health Partners is driven to create programs and services that help employers keep their employees healthy and well.

We have intentionally developed and tested unique and innovative ways to bring these benefits and services to your employees. You’ll have unique access to health care when and where your employees need it. And don’t worry, we’ll handle all the details, so you don’t have to.

Our People

Are you ready to learn why Harness is the right choice to bring quality solutions to your employees?